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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Word Up

Every New Year, bloggers more dedicated than I pick a word as their goal for the year. I can't remember last year's word I picked and frankly, I'm too lazy at this moment to sort through it all on my phone and look it up.

Good start, right?

Anyway, I know I did pretty well for the first eight months or so, and then that pesky little hurricane came along and I allowed it to be my excuse for everything. Then I just got busy. I stopped cooking, stopped cleaning (as much), and now I'm here, ten pounds heavier with dust bunnies the size of German Shepherds under the couch.

Of course, I have a list of 377864785 things I want to do this year. Some of them are exact repeats of last that didn't pan out: pay off consumer debt, live a healthier lifestyle, don't wait until two weeks have passed to put away the clean laundry, cut back my social media to spend more time with D and B.

But then, I did a ton of stuff. I ran a half marathon, I got lots of flower jobs, we paid off over 8k in debt (nowhere near what we need to pay off, but still), and we continued to work on being a better family. I learned new healthy recipes, how to meal plan, and how to combat some of my pesky mood symptoms.

Not too shabby.

What do I want to do that's so different? Not much. I just want to stick to these things I know I'm capable of doing. Therefore, my word is commitment.

I commit to
Spending more time with my family
Making better healthy choices, including exercising and food
Eating out less
Caring for myself more
Learning that it's okay to say no
Giving myself more credit for my talents
Continuing efforts toward debt payoff
Rekindling my work ethic
Getting up earlier (see above).

I think that's more than enough to work toward. Oh. I forgot about getting laundry folded and put away in a timely manner.

Can't have it all, I guess.