Saturday, October 13, 2012

It happens.

As you know, I met some people online in the last year. I joined Twitter solely for PPD support, and it opened up a whole new world for me. My "real life" friends didn't really get it, but they did their best to understand. My husband put up with my stories about the friends in the computer, the late night texts as the girls and I got comfortable with each other. We dreamed about conferences together, despite the miles and varying social anxieties between us. One of them lived in Poland, but her family lives in Texas. She convinced me to attend a small start-up conference with her while she was in the states visiting her family. I signed up, figuring I'd worry about the details later. Fast forward to October 10. I kept this a bit quiet simply because it would sound ridiculous to anyone that isn't into Twitter and the Blogosphere. I picked a stranger up from the airport. She stayed at my house. I left her alone there while I went to an appointment. There was trust and respect that we had built via that little blue cord that goes to nowhere but connects us to everything. Then, we got in the car and drove seven hours together. You know what? It's like we've been friends for ten years. There was ZERO awkwardness. She loved B from the moment she met him. She brought Drake the special candy he fell in love with on our trip to Germany three years ago. She gets me. She's been my cheerleader as I've come out of my shell this weekend. She watched my eyes get teary as I hugged one of my heroes. She doesn't think I'm weird because I packed glitter and craft supplies in case anyone was lacking a costume for the theme party. She's bragged on my baby more than I have. She's tough and vulnerable and sharp. She's known pain and heartache, but manages to make it a positive part of her life. She's pretty mouthy and I'm a little jealous of the confidence she exudes. What I'm trying to say is that I'm thankful for that little blue cord. I'm thankful that it's made me take chances. I'm also thankful that she didn't shank me with the corkscrew shiv we were given as swag last night.